the design on the ground

  • this is how it turned out on the ground.
  • and am planting like a medicine wheel with the different directions having different qualities, and colours.

the design

  • this was my design on paper
  • but when it came to interpreting it on the ground it looks different.
  • i wanted to post this earlier so it would be more in context but couldn’t work out how to fit it in so am posting it now.

“with a little help from my friends”

  • planting an olive tree of PEACE in the centre of the LOVE MANDALA
  • with help from my little grandchildren.
  • for all the children.
  • at the Equinox
  • we pray for balance to be restored in this beautiful world.
  • RI P . Bill Mollison, grandfather of the permaculture movement who was transitioning the worlds as we planted 24/09/2016.
  • thank you for your tremendous work you are truly inspiring.

recent update on development of mandala

  • this latest picture was taken at the weekend of the equinox 22-24th september
  • mandala slowly develops, as time and people visiting permits,  inputting a little at a time.
  • will gradually plant up the beds and surrounding area of the mandala.
  • have started to edge it with comfrey.
  • it looked beautiful on the night of the equinox , lit up with candles.
  • which my little grandchildren  Ruby  & Rio put in the garden.