overview of the mandala

  • yesterday’s overview of the evolving mandala. its very exciting !!!

sharing food together

  • sharing food together is an important part of community building, and an enjoyable and essential feature of being together on the land.

woven hazel edge of the bed.

this is the first bed to have its edge put on…. its the heart in the north, element air colour white… in hopi medecine  wheel. tradition. i use this system as i resonate strongly with these interpretations of the directions. at the moment  there are just a few very sad slug eaten climbing beans, some nasturtiums, white clover, and white mallow planted in it.more to come  !!!

more work on the mandala sunday july 10th

  • 3 lovely french volunteers came to help yesterday, they managed to complete the  paths and start on creating woven hazel fencing around the shapes.they started with the heart in the north, air element ,colour white.
  • and made one entrance arch to support the honeysuckle.

foraging in the first garden

i started  planting this garden up last summer as soon as i was over the shingles , which i got on the day of completion of buying the land, 18th june 2015  just before the solstice!!! it was in my right arm and shoulder and meant i couldn;t do anything for the first 6 weeks of having the land !!!! enforced observation !!!the shapes just evolved organically, i didn”t have an intentional design as was just focused   on getting  things going as fast as possible.