latest update

after feeling very overwhelmed with so much to do on the gardens….not just the mandala… the relief of the thundery rain yesterday gave me energy to tackle the job of completing the path around the outside of the mandala and clearing the paths.  

new beginnings spring equinox 2017

  • we have started to tidy up the mandala after the winter,
  • there are plants showing their heads .
  • and we are beginning a new planting season.
  • we had a small group of volunteers on wednesday this week, march.  22nd. it turned out to be sunny ..hooray… and we got weeding and weaving done on some more of the beds.
  • looking forward to completing the mandala.

the design

  • this was my design on paper
  • but when it came to interpreting it on the ground it looks different.
  • i wanted to post this earlier so it would be more in context but couldn’t work out how to fit it in so am posting it now.

“with a little help from my friends”

  • planting an olive tree of PEACE in the centre of the LOVE MANDALA
  • with help from my little grandchildren.
  • for all the children.
  • at the Equinox
  • we pray for balance to be restored in this beautiful world.
  • RI P . Bill Mollison, grandfather of the permaculture movement who was transitioning the worlds as we planted 24/09/2016.
  • thank you for your tremendous work you are truly inspiring.

recent update on development of mandala

  • this latest picture was taken at the weekend of the equinox 22-24th september
  • mandala slowly develops, as time and people visiting permits,  inputting a little at a time.
  • will gradually plant up the beds and surrounding area of the mandala.
  • have started to edge it with comfrey.
  • it looked beautiful on the night of the equinox , lit up with candles.
  • which my little grandchildren  Ruby  & Rio put in the garden.

woven hazel edge of the bed.

this is the first bed to have its edge put on…. its the heart in the north, element air colour white… in hopi medecine  wheel. tradition. i use this system as i resonate strongly with these interpretations of the directions. at the moment  there are just a few very sad slug eaten climbing beans, some nasturtiums, white clover, and white mallow planted in it.more to come  !!!

more work on the mandala sunday july 10th

  • 3 lovely french volunteers came to help yesterday, they managed to complete the  paths and start on creating woven hazel fencing around the shapes.they started with the heart in the north, air element ,colour white.
  • and made one entrance arch to support the honeysuckle.